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First time on this board, and I must say I'm really impressed by the knowledge of people on this board when it comes to type.

I'm designing packaging label for olive oil bottle and I'm stuck with the vast majority of fonts to choose from.

At first I thought Optima will suit well for the job, but now I'm not so sure.
So, basically im open for any suggestions.


PS. sorry for my bad english.

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Optima is the universal type for cosmetics. Unless you want people to wear the olive oil, it may be inappropriate.

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Could you post what it looks like so far? It's a bit hard to suggest something 'blindly'.

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Where is your olive oil being packaged Italy, Spain and what region within the country? Also on the marketing side, what is the target group are you selling to and what is the price point of the product? Where are you going to sell it, Europe, USA elsewhere? Will you have more than one language on the label? Answering these questions could narrow your font search quite a bit. Dan

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thanks for feedback guys.

Adriano, sorry i can't post it yet, because it's still in it's early stage of development - laying down basic elements and some initial ideas.

Daniel, Oil is produced in Croatia and it tailored to that market. As for target group, I'm not quiet sure, but i guess since it's extra virgin oil that price is a bit higher.
Judging from the design of the bottle ("fancy" slim design) and the quality of oil, I would say it's for the people who are after great quality product.

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Daniel's questions are right on.

If it's for the Croatian market, I think few of us will be able to provide very fruitful insight. But let me ask this question: does the Croatian upper-middle-class value Western ideals, or is it nostalgic for the old days, or what?

BTW, Optima is very unlikely to be a good choice.


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Now the oil will be labeled a Croatia product but do they actually produce to olives there or somewhere else. You could use a term on the bottle like "Only the finest quality olives from the (blank) region of (country) were used in this first pressed oil." Do you have the company name yet and do they have a logo? A typeface that complimented but was different from the logo would be good. Is this a start up product or do they sell other products and this will be added to the line? I have so many question and so few answers. I'm a marketing based designer. I need alot of info to make smart design decisions.

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A few more thoughts (sick of me yet?) Where in the store is your product going to be placed? Is it with the other Olive Oils or a speciality section? In either case I'd get competitive samples so you can make yours stand out. Also consider processes other than printing on a white label. Foil stamp or print on foil. Clear label to show the product and of course die cutting. These are all ways to make your product unique. You might reference the wine industry who does a good job in labeling.

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sorry for such long delay...

I will lay down some initial design sketches, and post it here.
In general, I'll walk on the safe side here and do some

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Luka, looking forward to seeing your sketches, Dan

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You might want to check out this site... ako ti zatreba inspiracije :-)

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