Usage of Arial Rounded Bold for Websites

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Hi all,

I recently uploaded a new website to the internet - basically its all about branding and brand strategy etcetera - at

Anyway, apologies for the shameless self plug, but what my companions and I wondered was whether we had the right idea in choosing such a trendy Web 2.0 font, specifically Arial Rounded Bold, for the site.

We really liked the friendly and approachable nature of Arial Rounded Bold and thought it would be great to convey the straightforward feel we wanted for the site. Perfect for our "brand" as a straightfoward, no b.s. branding and marketing site.

Unfortunately, one member of our group of friends thought that it was the completely wrong feel for a website for branding and marketing strategy and drew too many comparisons, especially to and

I (well, actually we) would appreciate comments you good people have for how to use this font, and whether our application is completely off the wall. Are we promising something we are not (trendy Web 2.0 site) with our usage of this font? How should Arial Rounded Bold be used?

Thank you all very much in advance for your input, and we really do appreciate your opinions!

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I think you can be very friendly without Arial Rounded.

Maybe something from Erik Spiekermann or Porchez Typofonderie.

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That was exactly the article I was looking at when I was concieving this website. :)

THank you for the other two recommendations, I will definitely look at them.

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I think it's a bit too informal.

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