(x) NY Times website infographic - Franklin Gothic, Helvetica {Anthony Rubolotta}

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Can someone please ID the typeface used in this infographic taken from the NY Times website.

Is the body type Helvetica? The headline does not look like its Helvetica...


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Looks like Franklin Gothic all around.

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Body does looks like Franklin Gothin.

But, that 'g' in the header doesn't look like Franklin Gothin to me :s

Maybe I'm rong..

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hmmm... you are right. Sorry, too anxious. The smaller type could very well be Helvetica.

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no problem GraphicFuzz...

lets hope someone comes up with what this sucker is...

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I think you already nailed it, you two.

The sample is small and it's hard to be 100% sure but I think the title is Franklin Gothic and body is Helvetica. Look at the numbers. They look very Helvetica to me.


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thank you magnus_gaarde.. :)

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