can some one create one for me

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can any one here create me a really cool design for "Dratakis" its my bands name were looking for like a 80s metal look if you know what i mean. we want it to be pretty simple but look really good like how metallica is . all tehre letters are plain but the m and a really set it off.

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Hey Steven, what do you think of all this kerfuffle you set in motion? :-)

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Great word. It'd be a cool URL:

"If you think you know what is going on, you haven't been here long enough."

Note: That quote was actually said to me by someone in the purchasing dept. at McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft (since bought by Boeing)

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And better than you probably would have got even if you had paid money

There is something that greatly troubles me about this comment...


I guess Typophile's Design forum is all set to become the new Craigslist job board, where bands ask for logos, promising all kinds of work for the logo designer if they "make it big". And if they don't, well, the designer has a nice portfolio piece, right? Right?

Having said that, it seems that the members of Dratakis really are in high school...

But in my humble opinion, that doesn't excuse them from finding out that designers need to make a living, just like everybody else.

And that Typophile is not a job board.

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There is something that greatly troubles me about this comment…
...And that Typophile is not a job board.

I'm sorry for the misleading statement. I know that what he got isn't going to get him far. I've seen CD art layed out for printing, and in essence, all he got was an idea. (Probably too tasteful of one for a high school rock band to recognize the value of).

I was just making the point that Hamilton make something cool.

Some people will do something for the fun and joy of doing it. Should they be banned from creating things just for the fun of it?

Trying to be fair, in a forum attended heavily by pro designers, maybe...but a high-shooler wouldn't have thought it through, certainly.

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If we do it in a classy way, I don't see why
we shouldn't advertise type design jobs here.


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