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Hi everyone,
I would like a feedback on this Logo I have done. The products are stuffed animals for kids that are going to be sold in a zoo. I would appreciate if someone have any other ideas on color, shape, etc.

Thanks a lot!

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Okay I love anything with VAG Rounded in it. Umm... I would shove 'happy' over to the right of 'zoo' and I'd be extra careful that the all the colors are of equal saturation... the colors are a dad dull on my CRT.

Anyhow... excellent visual pun and it high in cuteness factor!

Mike Diaz

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maybe you could add more brightness to the colours by dropping the black outline? i don't think it's necessary on 'zoo' and the "mouth".

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Thanks everyone for the comments, I will try your suggestions and see if they work.

Thanks again very much!!

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Pallette made me think McDonalds probably the red and proportions of the frame. Does the Z have to be uppercase? Happy seems out of proportion to zoo, I would look at increasing the size.

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