Dinner with Alejandro Paul

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Greetings Bay Area type friends.

It's been a while since this group gathered in earnest. Let's fix it. No time better than Saturday, May 20. Why? Because type designer Alejandro Paul will grace our city this weekend - all the way from Argentina. Let's get together and show him a good time north of the border(s).

For those unfamiliar with Alejandro's work, have a look at Sudtipos and Veer. Ale is a new master of the script font, with hundreds of releases over the last few years, and a lovely jovial fellow to boot.


Los Details

When: Saturday, May 20, 7:30 p.m. (note, changed from the original plan of 7:00)

Where: Maya. Wonderful modern Mexican cuisine in SOMA.

Tamye Riggs
Zara Evens
Joachim Müller-Lancé
Delve Withringon
Stephen Coles
Lourdes Livingston
Amy Conger (?)
Christian Robertson
Carl Crossgrove
Ale & wife Laura

Please reply if you're not listed and I will gladly add you to the reservation.

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Alejandro! I wish i could be there. Ale's a good guy and can't wait my turn to meet him in person. All ya'll in SF better be there for me and fill me in on all the fun.

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So? How was it? Was the conversation stimulating? Were ligatures discussed and appreciated all around? Did everyone behave? Do tell, do tell.

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yes, someone please give us the details!

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ahhh, well, dinally I m back. SF days were very nice. Beautiful city.

About the dinner, I m very happy to meet some type folks there. They were very friendly and they choose a really nice (neo-mexican?) restaurant. The guacamole was terrific.

About the ligatures I showed them some projects and it was nice to see what they liked more so I ll work with more energy on that. The guys there received a few nice newspapers published during the Letras Latinas exhibition featuring the 70 works selected. So, if you were outisde SF that day, then you missed that :P

And they were trying to convince me to go to Typecon, hmmm...who knows

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