Which are the ten best sans-serif capital A's of all time?

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Myriad, Frutiger, Optima, Helvetica, Univers, Bauhaus, AvantGarde, any other?

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LetterPerfect makes great "A"s - like Donatello's:


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I like a pointy tip, as in Geometric 415, some weights of Futura, Neutraface, Nobel, the aforementioned Eagle.

Gill Sans has a nice A. As does Today Sans.

Gotham is nice at the lighter weights, but from Bold on down the counters start to fill in.

I think this is kind of a strange topic. Most of those A's are kind of uninspiring. Were you bored or something? Or doing a logo where you need a big A?

I tend to focus more on the R with Sans, am partial to the Franklin Gothic/Gotham/Avenir style.

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Geometric 415 ... aka Metro ... is yummy.

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"Were you bored or something?"

my question exactly...

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But, whenever I need some sleep, I think about the most exciting sans l.c. i no dot.

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He is bored?

"Who is the greater fool? The fool, or the fool who follows him?"
- O W Kanobi

> whenever I need some sleep ...

I used to do that sort of thing, but these days I simply need to get horizontal. :-/


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I'm gonna carve an A for my typo. instructor to give him for his birthday (which he never gave me anyway)

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What material are you going to carve, are you intending to incise the A or make it a relief?
I suggest Albertus for incising (which I know is not a sans) or Mostra Two for a relief.

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I've changed my mind, I'll cut it out from thin, wooden board and I found that Geometric 415 is very appropriate (I mean easy and good lookin) for the task (god what a task), and apologies from those who were bored by this topic, I'm still a newbie.. :) ..and thanx for suggestions..

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