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I'm currently selling my fonts directly from my website (using Kagi) but I'm thinking about distributing through Myfonts too, anything I should know?

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Hi Kenn:

I've found Myfonts to be very worthwhile. The foundry support has been excellent, for me, and helpful too. More outlets can only help your exposure. Feel free to email me for more info. I haven't had any unpleasant surprises in a year and a half. Myfonts has provided an unxepected extra income.

In the last week, I've added a shopping cart and cc processing to my own site to provide an alternative / backup to Myfonts. I don't like having all of my eggs in one basket.

Joe VanDerBos

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Hi Ken,

I used to be the Kagi evangelist for a while but quickly changed my tune when I realized they were taking somewhere in the neighborhood of 26% of my total sales for processing.

I have been happy as a clam with my new set up using the PDG Shopping Cart. Solid cart and I've had little trouble with it. In total about $400 to set that up and the merchant account plus monthly fees of about $40 and .35 per transaction, but it's closer to 6% of my total sales than 26%

I think my fonts is 80/20 so you'd still be better off with Myfonts than Kagi.

Stuart :D

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You might want to look into Yahoo Store. I takes a little time to create a layout beyond the standard look and feel, but once you have that, the backend (and the price) is hard to beat.
I beleive that they are set up to sell downloadable goods as well.

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MyFonts takes now 35%.

Have a look to this site.

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