Legible?! (2nd Version)

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i need your help:

what do you read in the image?

thanx y'all in advance

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I see "remember me" but it took me a while to figure it out


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@Isaac: an 'F' and a 'T' you say?! .....hmmm

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As I 'said', I read 'Teo Memo Let Me'. :)

( Hmm. 'Remember Me'? Sadly enough, it doesnt seem to work for me. You are quite randomly mixing upper case and lower case letters, I guess thats not really helping it either. )


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Only the M and E work. Notice that in both cases you have a pretty conventional version of the letter in the edges of the post-it outlines. Not in any of the others though. The "b" doesn't work in context, because everything else looks uppercase, so it hits me as an "L" if anything. And the very first letter (the "R") is too vague.

Neat experiment, though-- the problem seems to be in trying to make some of the letterforms with only two rectangles. That will make it almost impossible to distinguish, say, P and F. Then again, context does help -- but that means that you'll need text to be custom for each case, or else multiple glyphs for certain letters.

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thanx to all, you helped me a lot.

i will work on the 'r' + 'b', and see what comes out...

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si, teo memo let me O te mem let me

• jko •

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I opened the pic first, then I read your post and had to take another look then. I have recognized it just because you said that there is written something.

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ok... i made some changes. (see image above)

what do you think?!
does it work?!

...and for those who still haven't seen it, what do you read?!


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I wonder if taking the topmost postit for the R should be rotated 90º because I am reading K and it might have something to do with the copy on the postit. I think the hyphens might be unecessary too. I wonder if the line breaks might be better like this

(sorry if I spoilt the suspense for anyone)

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Thanx Tim!

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'REMEMBER ME', in about two seconds.

But you asked me explicitly, so I tried to find out.

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I just see a pile of sticky notes. After realising that it was supposed to be letters, "RE-MEM-BER ME".

- Lex

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I like that at first it is just a pile of sticky notes. An "aha" moment is always a good thing. Well, most of the time.

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I don't think I would have read anything if I hadn't been trying. In other words, you have to want to analyze this for a moment longer -- to have your aha moment -- or else you'll just see a pile of notes. And this, as Miss Tiffany said, can be a good thing.

However, I think that if something doesn't somehow hold your attention and compel you to find the hidden image/message, you'll just move on. So, as I see it, the problem to be solved here is how to get people to stop a second longer and decipher the visual puzzle.

Perhaps by adding a whole bunch of notes to the background and somehow making these stand out -- by giving them a slightly different colour, or making it seem as if they're on a plane closer to the viewer, or whatever.

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