Type pairing with Japanese design.

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I have a fairly 'loose' based japanese design them going for a certain project, actually a cd package. I trying to find type that would prove campatible, or harmonious. I'm not necessarily looking for a japanese type of face (yes it will be english), but then I am not apposed to the idea either.



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Try something by Kobayashi. ;-)

Seriously, I guess we need more information.
What's a

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I think I saw type from Gerard Unger (http://www.gerardunger.com) used with Japonese type (sans and serif experiments) on the typophile pages... Can't find the topic. Anyone remembers this?

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Kyle this might help, this is a sample brochure made in InDesign CS. The font family they used was Kozuka Mincho Std, M, H, B and R

application/pdfPdf file
SF Brochure.pdf (610.2 k)

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If it were me, I'd study Japanese type designers' work... often times they romanize Katakana and Hiragana faces they've created, giving them a unique feel. Check out this site. It's got some downloadable faces and some great links to other Japanese sites.

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Keith had pointed out that Unger's fonts tend to go well with Chinese - maybe Japanese too?

I can think of a few display-type things (like Jared's Yazuka and Want's Fusaka), as well as some perhaps overly-literal text faces (like Hiroshige), but my favorite example of subtlety is this:


The body is Korean, not Japanese, but I like the way the stroke terminals in the Latin match it so well.


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I think I am considering Brioso Pro.

I just got it from Adobe, and it feels like it might fit just right. Very caligraphic, and lots of great alternates.

I am really not interested in a companion to a Japanese face, nor am I interested IN a Japanese face, but more so a latin face, that would be complimentary to a japanese motif.

I'm going to play with Brioso and see how its fits.


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Hello Kyle...

I think anything that's very calligraphic in the Western tradition might not work so well. Eastern and Western calligraphy are just so different in style and spirit. I'd like to see your CD cover design, if you don't mind, in order to give you any meaningful suggestions... You need a display face, am I correct? You probably want something that's more obviously Japanese in flavour, without being too clich

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Keith --

Let me work on getting a image up.

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That page used to be on Unger's site and I can't find it now.
I think Keith Tam could tell us more. See http://typographi.ca/000489.php

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