Amor from Strom Type Foundry Performance

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Hi there guys:

I'm interested in (finally) purchasing the Amor families (sans and serif) from Storm. However I would like to hear from other users that have purchase it.

Do you ever have problems with the fonts? Like bad kerning programing or visual imbalances. How does at smaller point sizes?

How do you feel about your purchase?

Tell me about things that disappointed and tell me about the things that worked better than imagined.

I want to use the font all sort of things from newsletters to correspondence, logos and identity.

Thank you for helping me,


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I'm a huge fan of Frantisek Storm's work that I'm planning a big buy soon myself (OTL). But I feel that in some of his types are too gorgeous to be effective text faces. Some of the letters of his types are just simply too beautiful or eccentric that they can obstruct long immersive reading and I think Amor Serif is one of them. I haven't licenced it but I've downloaded the specimen pdf and printed it at 1200dpi, I think it doesn’t read very well when compared to classic book types. So that rules out the use of Amor Serif in long texts, magazines and conventional books in my opinion.

As for the spacing, from my printed specimen, it looks like the r can cause problems.

BTW, I am not an expert typographer. I hope someone else with more experience will share their thoughts.

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I recently purchased the library after years of looking at options. I can't say I'm on top of it after a few months, but I will venture a few generalizations.

Many of the faces kern fairly tightly. That means some characters may run together, like the lc "r" and "t".

What is amazing to me is comparing the Storm versions with the ITC versions on many of the faces. As Geoff says, Storm type is colorful in its quirks.

I think that Amor Sans is dark, which isn't bad. The serif has a swirling rythm that can really take hold of you. I feel you will end up using the sans to set your long texts if you go this way.

I hope to work with Amor more, but it will take me many years to digest what I have on my plate now. Hope that helps a little.

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Geoff Riding> Thanks for the info about the r.

jupiterboy> Thank you for your input as well. Very valuable!

I will probably buy these two fonts anyway. 1- because the sans makes an interesting alternative to Myriad or Veto and 2- the serif is fabulous at medium to larger sizes.


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