Illustrator font problem

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I have os 10.1.4.
Unfortunatly i dont have a font manager.
When i bring my fonts to the system 9 fonts folder (i have an ibook with classic) it works for indesign and photoshop but i cant get the fonts i wish to use to appear in illustrator 10.

Has anyone an idea of why this is not working and what could i try instead?

Thanks alot,

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Have you quit and restart illustrator? that solves many quirky errors.

So you are using indesign, photoshop and illustrator all in classic? (That's what I understand from what you wrote above) why not at least use OS X for illustrator.

or Volume\users\username\Library\Fonts

If not be sure you are running Illustrator in classic if that's where you are storing the fonts.

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No, Im using InDesign, photoshop and illustrator in Os 10.
And restarting the program doesnt work.

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David try trashing Illustrators Preferences file and then restart. Sometimes preferences corrupt. Dan

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