(x) Redhook beer’s labels - Garage Gothic {Ben Shaykin}

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I am trying to figure out what typeface this is on Redhook beer's labels. Does anyone have an idea?

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You'd think if you could load a bigger version of that W into "What the Font" it would identify it. I haven't seen a lot of them that look like that. (Not that I've had tremendous success with that MyFonts feature...but don't get me wrong, I think MyFonts is the "insert your latest hip 'good' substitute here")

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That W* is really ugly. There's something odd about it, as if someone stroked a thinner face and did some squooshing.

* Pennsylvania from Font Bureau has a similar W. I still don't like it...

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Garage Gothic from Font Bureau, W and all.

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You got it. :^)

I still don't like that W but maybe it'll grow on me. I'm partial to ugly faces.

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