Good examples of stationary.

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Does anyone know any websites or books showing good examples of contemporary stationary??

Cheers A.

SuperUltraFabulous's picture and chronicle books have some excellent things. I am a stationary freak- I collect it too... although I never seem to use it.


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As for books, if you're near a good library you could check out the 2005 and previous D&AD Annuals and Graphis Design Annuals. If my memory serves me right there is some good examples in there.

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I would definitely check out the Graphis Books. Also some of the David Carter books have letterhead samples. Oh and I believe it is "stationery", with an "e" not an "a". My old AD used to get on me about that all the time.

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check out 1,000 Graphic Elements. Some fine examples of unique stationary.

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Follow Portfolio > Logo/Huisstijl.

®ene { Dutch typography to express yourself }

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Cheers guys.

The reason I ask is that I love stationery but it always seems to be the part that takes me the longest to produce and I am least happy with in the end.

Also are there any rules that may help me?

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Oh what a terrible shame - Graphis redesigned their absolutely gorgeous web site and now iti's completely generic. But yes, you could check out their Letterhead 5 and 6 books. They ain't bloody cheap tho.

Rockport also publishes Letterhead books and won't set you back as far as the Graphis titles.

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