Free Fontographer Tutorial - try it out

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Hi there,

I've made a free fontographer tutorial, and I need feedback... Please check it out and comment.

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Hi Klaus,

My name is Jimmy from Indonesia and I am very new to Fontographer, in fact I was about to learn. I was searching for an online fontographer tutorial on and your site came up in the search result list.
Then I saw this thread on Typophile Forum and pretty surprised that you're the guy who made the tutorial site.
Thank you very much, Klaus ! Your tutorial is great especially for someone who's learning Fontographer from zero like me.
I you don't mind, could you add more tutorial into it because i need help understanding how to set the metrics, the kerning points,etc...cause, you know, i'm learning from zero.

Sorry for asking too much rather than giving you a comment or compliments. Once again, thank you very much for your tutorial.

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where is it gone?

The requested URL / was not found on this server.

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