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Hi everybody!
i'm working on my graduation thesis and i had to start from the book that me and other guys redesigned and illustrated.
we worked on "Flatland" by Edwin Abbott.
Starting from here i'd like to work on layered type and i'd like to create a font family that could be readable only by overlapping the different types with different colours.
Now i'm searching information about something similar but i found only the Layered type created by some students of an underware workshop ( and the YMC type bythe Dainippon Type Organization (they are owner of a website but it's all in Japanese...)
Do you know something else that could be useful?
Thanks a lot!!

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I don't know if I understand the concept, but HERE is a font that has to be used in 2 layers called Techno X by Sander Kessels. It is free at his [link removed by moderator.]

I guess Treasury from Canada Type
qualifies here, and several of the Fontmesa fonts, which have a western theme. Some have incredible detail.

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FF Primary is cool.
And FF Identification might be relevant too.
They are not free.


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Wilma available at FontShop.

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Shades by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

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Bfrika by Max Kisman

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And of course Rosewood, which is rarely used as its designers intended.

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This might give you some ideas for extracting parts of letters

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thank you all!
i'll let you see something as soon as i start the pratical work!! ;)

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Who is the moderator for this group? Could you please let me know why you removed the lollibomb link from my post? Is Sander Kessels banned here, or something?

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The reason I ask is someone wrote me to get it.

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I remove links to questionable sites. Privately send me the link again and I'll re-review it. As I don't remember it now.

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A four layered font: Federal from Letterror


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Just found this thread... Does anybody have any insight on the technical aspects of creating a multi-layered typeface? Does anyone have any experience with it?

I ask because I'm also working on a multi-layered typeface...I'm trying to figure out how to program the OpenType features.

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Well, my Uncompromising Arabic Font is 6-layered, so to speak.
Layering is good for security and demonstration purposes. More, I do not know.
If the 6 fonts are given different colors, overlaps, swashes and ligatures could be fantastically demonstrated. If one or more fonts is whitened, the writing could be secured. The more the whites, the higher the security?!
Happy Layering with Flowers

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