The best fonts you can't have...

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Okay folks! Here are three of my favorites that you can't have. These are unreleased- and most likely, will never be released- fonts that rock my little typographic socks.

Volvo Sans... used on all Volvo controls and switches. Its like Handel Gothic only more swedish-er.

Bloomindales... This swanky typeface has been strutting its stuff while the folks who made Chalet were not even born yet. [And no, Horatio doesn't cut the mustard]

Lumene Script from Suomi... This is my favorite handwriting font ever! Perhaps when Lumene Cosmetics will change campaigns will then we have access to this genius face. Think of it as Emma Script with less caffeine. Plz Script is a significantly less refined alternative however the up-and-coming Suomi Script would be fascinating.

But good news in 2011 we get access to Dereon... a luscious scotch face and in 2008 Parisine Office from Porchez. :-)

Do you have exclusive fonts that you wish you could have... post images, names, and foundries.


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Augereau by George Abrams

Does anyone have any comments about a comparison of this with Adobe's Premier Pro Garamond?

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Antikva Margaret is in Rookledge, no punctuation though.

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DanGayle> Augereau is lovely but I'm sold on Adobe its also cheaper and OpenType savy.

timd> I saw that too but again not digitization in site.... :-(


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Top on my list are Christian Schwartz's Addison, Guardian, Stag, and Caslon Egyptian; and Font Bureau's Readability Series including the brand new Quiosco.

Mikey - if you like CakeType's KPN you might like Fred Smeijers' Fresco Informal Sans.

Dan - Abrams' Augureau and Venetian are available at MyFonts.

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I love FB's recent news faces - top-shelf stuff. Pushy but so competent.
But somehow their names seem a bit like... gringo tourists in Ensenada.


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Stephen Coles> Caslon Egyptian is wonderful- it like Bau and Futura.

But Our Type is too expensive. I like their stuff but I would rather give my money to another more resonably priced designer... FontFont anyone?

Hrant> Si Senor! I love FB too.


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$48/style is $20 more than Linotype, but only $8-13 more than FontFont and E+F. As always, you pay for what you get. The experience of them Dutch fellas is worth the slight premium.

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Besides, if PDfs are important to you, the OurType EULA is very user friendly, allowing the creation of PDFs with editable embedding.

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Thanks for the compliments about the typeface I designed for KPN. I also did the Cito Sans typeface (still not used).


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Hee-hee. Luxury is hilarious. So tongue-in-cheek.
That Textaxis stuff looks an awful lot like DTL Prokyon.

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The latest on Luxury coming soon to a CPU near you...

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1. Dick Dooijes' Mercator Light from Amsterdam Type Foundry.
2. A decent Swiss grotesque with all the bells and whistles.

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Hmm… There are so many.
It came to my mind Inga, designed by Lennart Hansson and published by Mecanorma France (I think it existed just as a transferable type). I have it in a book Lennart sent me years ago. It's really a typeface I could use.
And then Andromeda by Aldo Novarese (existing probably in phototypesetting format only). It could be considered a sort of display companion to his own Mixage.
See if you can find samples of those two online…
Too tired to do a scan…

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Pieter van Rosmalen> I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work for KPN! When I sell my house in LA I plan I on commisioning a custom typeface for myself... we will be in touch for sure!!!

Nice Try> I like Luxury too. I'm glad House put on their website a section for their up an coming creations!!!
Mercator??? I was unable to find anything than on that you have something? And you are right about having a swiss sans that has all the opentype feature you can shake a stick at. I still love Helvetica no matter what though :-)

piccic> Inga? Do you have images to share? I would love to see it. Also I have heard of Aldo Novarese's Andromeda too- and he be so prominant in history- I find it strange no has has done a digitization.


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Hello SuperUltraFabulous,

Thanks for the compliment.


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Martha Stewart's fonts - nearly all of them. Love the script, especially.

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I love the Nokia typefaces, I almost want a new Nokia phone, just so I can see text messages arrive in the bitmap font. I like Miles Newlyn's faces for the Three network. And I miss seeing Miller in the Guardian, so that's another I'd like to have around me but can't.

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Unica Light Lowercase.
Redrawn from scratch with some modifications to suit my purposes.
Shown: 1st Draft.

I was unable to arrange to buy font/licence at this time from Elsner&Flake (due to naming copyright issues in Europe) so redrew for use on a logotype project in progress.

I won't go into the modifications unless anyone is interested but I can tell you being a lover of Swiss sans serif the exercise has been an eye opener into the creation of the forms and optical considerations.

Thanks to hrant for putting me onto special Unica edition of Typografische Monatsblätter which I was able to use as a basis.


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hernan: I'm loving this Unica Deaux face you are working on. Previously you had mentioned that you like a good swiss sans with all the bells and whistles.... any special features you plan on adding to this baby?


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It is NiceTry who wants the bells and Whistles. I was wondering what was meant by this as-well! Perhaps double s, alternative ampersands, Sans-serif fist?

Unica Deux (because is closest to an archetypal form) is a development platform for me - so I'm using it to learn and try out ideas. My next task is to try out versions of the Cap R. This still bugs me. Even though the original is undoubtedly the correct way - there's no harm in trying alternatives and see if any do the trick.

I also like Mercator - I have just ordered a type specimen to have a better look at it, as I have only ever seen it as its own title in a Berthold type specimen book form the 80's with no setting or character set. (ill drop a scan when I get it).

Mercator really gives off 60's vibe and is really direct. Great for massive one word Poster headings. The cap M is really broad. Nice.

My wish for what I want but cant have starts with Adonis by Stephenson Blake. It is a grotesk type which was made by filing off the serifs of a copperplate style font. The result is intriguing. Looking a bit like akzidenz buch extended but with something else??? I first saw an example when I was studying at Manchester, where there was a beautiful Purple and Blue specimen sheet. I should have xeroxed it! I have since found another sample, which I will put here in the future.

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I've always hoped for a complete set of Serif Gothic, with all the alternates as seen in this great movie title.

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SuperUltra: I just saw again this thread.
If you are still curious to see how Inga looks, I could do a scan.
I think Lennart has a digital version (I have not asked him), however, although it seems it is no
t available from the Mecanorma catalogs of digital type from distributors.
This happens with many faces…

About Novarese: you can't imagine how much of his typefaces do not exist in digital forms.

I should add to the two entries above, Richler by Nick Shinn (a custom typeface).
From what I recall, I really could use it.

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Fot the big brown bag / Bloomingdale's I have a similar font, almost identical, you can even have the crossed double O placed in: { or } keys. STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL USE.. Called it Bloomies, a mix of SF New Republic and ITC Gothic Avant Guard MD and some other fonts. For the small w I jsut reversed the m from S.F.N.R, rotated the c and e from SF and some other stuff...

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Mike, this is embarassing: here is where I'm still stuck in my thinking in 2008–2009, and I never even drove a Volvo :)

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Image Club Graphics produced a version of Antikva Margaret copyright 1992. The copy I have is only a regular and italic. I know from my old VGC catalogs that a Light and Bold was issued at one point.

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BellSlim comes to mind. So does Telenor.

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I always enjoyed this one:

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Michael (userone), what's your status on the Unica Deux?
(But I guess you'd have to keep it to yourself anyway right…)

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Even if he won't want to release it he might be able to
provide (including for payment) EPS settings from it.


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Hey Nina, I came back and looked at this the other day and saw I had kind of put a shopping list of "desires" together with @NiceTry's inspiration. As I have had a couple of goes at small caps now - this would make sense. I might try to do this without looking at the Unica Capitals and see where they end up. (Overlay was used for the lowercase). Actually I believe it is good practice to work on the more challenging small caps first (perhaps caps and small caps play off each other). I can't put a time scale on this yet as I have pressing matters to attend to like finish the MA thesis: 'Compact Typography: The design of typefaces conceived for small size applications.'

Luckily Unica is timeless so waiting another bit longer won't hurt...

Anyway. A while back I saw this in real life which I think someone mentioned in another thread:

A&L Art and Language

Close up it is not as true as I had hoped and there is a bold use of a dot on the i which kind of bugged me but is the style if the designers (whom I forget but I think are Swiss). Respect though - because the concept is perfect: offering typographic neutrality when discussing art (without perceived bias)!

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Well if three people want it (including me) - then it *shall* be created.

In the meantime @hrants eps setting idea is a good one. Perhaps it works in the same way a Licence would and also would entitle you to the font when it was finished?

Remember no caps yet.

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"Luckily Unica is timeless so waiting another bit longer won’t hurt..."
For those of us who don't have Unica, it hurts every day.
(Insert dramatic music here)
Seriously, thanks for the update. The EPS idea sounds reasonable.
I don't actually have a project at hand for which I'd need it at the moment – it's more like a General Desire To Have Unica… :-)  But if a chance pops up I'll let you know.

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> if three people want it

Are you kidding? I get a "Where can I buy Unica?" email like
every three months (the latest on 8/14), and I don't even sell it.


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Where can I by Unica?

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Don't know - might be worth holding on for the release of 'Uniform'.
I have been developing this in tandem with re-branding of Uniform Wares.
We are using 2 of the planned 12 weights.
It has small caps (used for the watch back etchings) and various special touches like 'Sentence Capitals'. [New Concept]

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Hmm… so what are 'Sentence Capitals'? :)

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Michael, you might consider straightening out the flap of the "1" a bit, it's a little too cute at the moment.

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Won't hijack this super thread any further.

Nina - I am opening up the concept here Typophile node 73153
Thanks for the nudge.

Nick - Thanks - I will work some more on this. (and might start a critique page to focus my progress).

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Does anyone know where to get the Augereau font? I can't find it anywhere... and it's so expensive...

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If you know the price, you probably know where to get it...
(We don't promote font piracy here.)


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At least Williams Caslon Text is now generally available. (And there's also Imprint, and many people might already have that or Bitstream's Dutch 766.)

As noted in another thread, not only Haas Unica, but also the Rail Alphabet, are not generally available. (But we have Akzidenz Grotesk, Helvetica, and Helvetica Neue to choose from, at least.)

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Cool how this thread has changed from the best fonts you can't have- to the Best fonts you CAN have!
Gotta say - Augereau is really NICE.

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Woooohooo :-)

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And you probably know that Lumene script has been available for a while now from FontShop as Suomi Hand Script.

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I might add the Vodafone font to this list (from Dalton Maag... and yes, I know it's a modified version of Interface!)

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I would like to have FS Albert. It is from Fontsmith. It is very very expensive.

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Not that this thread is about being able to afford stuff, but: How much do you pay monthly for your cellphone?


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For some reason I have Volvo Sans and Volvo Serif.

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