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Hey guys,
This is my first post on here so hello.

Looking for some constructive critisism on these business cards. They are for a textiles company who sell rugs, throws, etc.


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Welcome Alex! I like how clean it looks, the rounded corners, and the pattern in a corner. I don't think the all-lowercase sans works with the company name. My suggestion is to try some different combinations with the text--All caps name, small caps tagline, title case tagline, etc. The tagline also seems too small for the title...maybe a larger size in a condensed font? The L looks heavier than the other letters. Hope that helps :)


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Thankyou, I shall try some things out and get back to you.

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I like them, very nice feel to them. Id say experiment with the tagline. Apart from that, I think its all good.

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Thanks for the help guys.

I've been playing around and it's nearly there. The font for the tag line still isn't looking quite right. What condensed font would you suggest eron s??

Cheers A.

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I like it, as well.

I am not Eron, but you may like 'Ohrada', by Frantisek Storm, or 'Noga', by Heinrich Lischka, if you are considering a condensed typeface for the tagline.

Some more 'condensed sans' / 'condensed font' suggestions:


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I wonder if a condensed would cause the tag to be too dominant. Anyway, you might look at another Storm type, John Sans. It does have a condensed and several weights to work with. Might be worth a look.

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