Akzidenz-Grotesk doing what it does best

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Hopefully ebay links don't annoy people too much. Not sure i'm familiar with this one though.

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doing what it does best

...one size fits all.

All lower-case AG Bold for Stockhausen perhaps, but surely not Beethoven's 9th?!

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I actually don't think that this poster is very good. I would not invest that sort of money in it. Josef Müller-Brockmann has posters that I find much better, from a design point of view.

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Josef Müller-Brockmann has posters that I find much better

Like this one?

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James, how did you find LCC? I spent some time there on the Typo BA. The german tutor Peter and Tim from Bark were good.

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Am I the only one who finds these designs cold and dead? They make me shiver. Tschichold in his modernist phase did stuff so much better...

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Ok, most of these are not so frightening. Still, I find odd and unattractive the way he usually puts titles in the lower half, all small type, and crowds the edge of the page. 'I'deology vs the 'Eye'.

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