San-Serif with DIN's qualities?

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Hey all,
I am doing a complete overhaul of my company's Identity. We are a web firm that emphasizes standards in our design and builds. Anyway, I love DIN, I hate its @ symbol though and I am also starting to see it in too many places.

So I have started looking around and have come across a few typefaces that I like that maintain some of the things that I like about DIN...

Greg Lindy's Section (
Chester's Apex New (
Mário Feliciano's Flama (

I have been around the San-Serif block and am tiring of the same ol' same ol'. I want something fresh that isn't plastered on every billboard around town. That said, rule out Trade G, Franklin Gothic, Univers, Conduit, Bailey Sans, Helvetica, Helvetica Neue, News Gothic, Bank Gothic, etc.

Also, the type has to be refined enough to use as body copy. I am gonna use it everywhere. So before I choose what typeface to get in bed with I thought I would see what other typefaces you guys might think I like, based on what I have said.

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Forgot to mention: I think Section would be Perfect, but it lacks a normal/regular style. I think the Light to Medium jump is too much. Thoughts?

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There are lots of FontFonts that fit the bill.
Usually with a four-letter name...

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Check out also Pill Gothic.

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Ooh, Pill Gothic is delicious.

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'Malmoe ( Sans )', by Martin Fredrikson.

( Ooh, And if you are looking for a 'closer' alternate to DIN, you may want to consider 'Aaux', by Neil Summerour. :)


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You might want to consider SOPHISTO as a replacement for DIN.
It carries a few similarities with DIN and also works well on the web.
Check it out here,

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Sofie Beier’s wonderful Engel. Elegant, sophisticated and well drawn.

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I would suggest taking a look at Flama or Zeppelin

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Terry - Flama is mentioned in Dan's original post.

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Thanks everyone for the input. I am making a nice little wish list here of all these typefaces. So many good ones to choose from! Feel free to keep 'em coming!

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My bad, I don't know how I missed that.

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what about freight??

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Not sure if Freight has any DIN qualities. I assume Dan is looking for a sans with straight sides and a more geometric structure.

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