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A foreign Affair

"Upon finishing the font I was fortunate enough that a few of my colleagues, great type designers and probably much saner than I am, agreed to show me how they envision my Affair in action. The beauty they showed me makes me feel small and yearn for the world to be even smaller now – at least small enough so that my international colleagues and I can meet and exchange stories over a good parrilla. These people, whose kindness is very deserving of my gratitude, and whose beautiful art is very deserving of your appreciation, are in no particular order: Corey Holms, Mariano Lopez Hiriart, Xavier Dupré, Alejandro Ros, Rebecca Alaccari, Laura Meseguer, Neil Summerour, Eduardo Manso, and the Doma group. You can see how they envisioned using Affair in the section of this booklet entitled A Foreign Affair."


Veer's PDF direct link (8mb)

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Alejandro, ¿puedes postear un pdf para poder apreciar mejor los detalles?

A primera vista me parece de un nivel impresionante, que ganas de verla mas grande. y otra cosa, ¿ya se está vendiendo en alguna parte?


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he agregado al post un link directo al pdf. Saludos!

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Alejandro, this not only absolutely beautiful, but it looks as if it was quite a technical undertaking. Congratulations.

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Not only a beautiful type face, but beautiful words:

"Type designers are crazy. Not crazy like we think we’re Napoleon, but crazy in the sense that with the sky falling, wars tearing the world apart, disasters splitting the very ground we walk on, and plagues circling the continents to pick victims randomly, we will still try to make a little facet of the world more appealing to the human eye. We ought to be proud of ourselves. Optimism is hard to come by these days. Regardless of our personal reasons for doing what we do, designing type is an act of optimism and belief in the beauty that exists within humanity."

Alejandro Paul

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Thanks for making a "little facet of the world more appealing" for the rest of us--a splendid piece of type design from a splendid human being.


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Ale, :)

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