InDesign query (sorry!)

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Sorry if this is not typographic enough for the site, but I saw some more general questions being asked here as well. Also, I have only just started using ID, so apologies for ignorance in advance!

I have placed a white Illustrator .eps logo file into ID CS1 in front of a dark red background, and the logo keeps appearing with a tint of the colour behind. It will just not appear white. I have also tried an .ai file, and even a rasterised Photoshop .eps with a clipping path, and the same thing happens. When I produce a PDF from the ID file it appears the same again. I just wondered if anyone could tell me anything that I am doing wrong that is obvious? I have gone through every menu I can think of re background, transparency, trapping, etc. I am at a loss!

Any help gratefuly received!

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Overprinting is turned off? Dumb question but you never know.

Stick with .ai in ID, it loves native files.

Since you have tried so many formats already, it almost seems like the transparency has to be coming from ID. Make a new container box and re-place the file. You've probably already tried this but you never know…

Your container box is set to Normal blending mode in the transparency palette?

That's about all I can think of right now…

Best of Luck!


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Well, the new box did it. I have no idea why that happened (or indeed why I hadn't thought of just doing it!). Simple.

Cheers for that. Great site by the way!

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