Expressive letterwork on celluloid

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I've had this idea of creating a book that celebrates the art of opening titles in world cinema for a while now. The project is too ambitious to do all by myself, so I'm opening it up here to give it a chance to come to life as a collaborative effort.

My plan is to focus in paricular on the power of the written word and its potential to evoke emotion, just by the impact of how it looks. I have collected screenshots of opening sequences and other material for years, with an emphasis on the immediacy found in handwriting / brushwork / letterwork. I envision devoted professionals with a keen eye for the written word taking on particular chapters, that they feel an affinity to.

Other ideas on how to proceed are welcomed as well...expressive letterwork on celluloid

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Well, seems like a cool idea, I unfortunately would have zero time to offer, but somone else may.

Looks like cool stuff.

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Two words: Saul Bass.

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Saul Bass is of course a classic, but you should also check out more contemporary designers too, such as Kyle Cooper.

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Why a book?

The title sequence of every movie should be in the Internet Movie Database.

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Nick - because I can not quite believe that I'm the only one out there who likes to look at interesting letterwork, especially, if the material is shown for the first time and presented in an engaging manner.

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