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Right now I'm working on the symbol for a children's theater. It's a non-profit project, where children can take participate in the act, and learn how to deal with social problems. The client wanted to use the child in the logo (they have used clip-arty stick man in their old logo.) I tried to create a person of young age. he/she should be dynamic, friendly, soft and show the fun aspect of the theater.

The client has approved the shape, but now it needs tweaking and finetuning.

I'm having problems getting the curves quite right - especially with the legs.

I'd appreciate your comments and help :-)

Many Greetings,

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Looks like you tweeked the Cingular logo around... I would try something else :(

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in fact I came across cingular just today - maybe I had seen it long time ago and it influenced me subconciously. however, since cingular is in a completely different industry (and geographic) area, the similiarities doesn't bother me too much. Also, the symbol will be used fairly different in the corporate design process.

By the way, for those who don't know cingular:

Any further comments and help on the shape?

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please view Bild_3.png to see the symbol in combination with the wordmark.


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since cingular is in a completely different industry (and geographic) area, the similiarities doesn’t bother me too much.

It bothers me, but that may be because I see the Cingular mark all over the place.
Just stay away from orange.

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I don't believe that because the industry is different you should let this slide. If I were you I would consider the possible but unlikely scenario that if implemented your client might have to back out of this for legal reasons.

As they say, kill your darlings.

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I think the geographic status of the logos is a separator here, I don't believe Cingular has a presence in Europe, and anyway that type of figure is hardly exclusive.
As for the figure the thickness of the limbs is too thin, the head is too tall for me I would look at a rounder shape for the head, especially for a child. Opening your pdf in Illustrator it looks as thought you have used more points than are necessary, by reducing them I think you can get smoother transitions.

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Thank you all for your responses. I see that the similarity has arisen - certainly not consciously. But I feel tim is right. cingular has no presence in central europe, and could hardly get in conflict with a non-profit children's theater organisation. That the shape isn't exclusive to cingular is another factor. however, I will anyways let the client know of this similarity at tomorrow's meeting.

I have now refined the shape. I have deleted (hopefully all) unnecessary points. I have attached a pdf, styleguide_v.1.0.pdf, where you can see how the logo will be used in the future - on page three and four you see that the little guy can also "speak" so to say. words, i.e. virtues like "respect!" or "honesty!" used in combination with the symbol to express different aspect of the theater.

also, I will be developing a colour palette - and in the future a few more poses which will serve to accommodate the brand architecture of the organisation.

I'd love to hear your comments! any feedback on the font? (it's "ff info" for your info..)


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That font is a much better choice, however I would look at increasing the weight of your figure a touch so it has a bit more sympathy with the typeface, (you could hack it by adding a stroke to your original and increasing the weight to see if it works).

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I think you should use some other metaphor for representing 'people' for the people's theater. You just have the one little jumping/surprised figure. Perhaps you should show more than one than one figure (preferably with another design) to show a diverse group of "PEOPLE" that attends this theater. By just having one figure is contradiction

But if I do have to choose it will be... in bild-3 the very upper left design. I also like that red you chose.

Hope I'm helping,


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I think theres enough difference between your logo and the cingular logo to say that they're different, but the different colour does help. I think the wordmark works well. I like how you use the other words with the lil guy. Altough I agree with timid on the changes.
I have nothing more to say about your work, just some ideas which I hope help in some way.
I was thinking a rounder font so its a little bit more friendly, or even a like comic sans (LIKE I said) so it has a more childish feel. And I was thinking a blue, maybe skyblue for the colour. These are just some thigs that popped into my head when I saw it.
Hope I helped in saome way, and good luck.


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