Hidden Typography exposed

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Here are some photos from the recent "Hidden Typography" St. Bride Conference in London.


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Richard thanks for the posting, I love the Starbucks bashing. My last P22 purchase was an Indie book and a Construstivist Coffee mug. Dan

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The vague bashing will be elevated to full-disclosure if our most recent attempts to get Starbucks to straighen up and fly right are unsuccessful. It's a long story but we have been getting a major runaround from them on their major use of the Cezanne font with no apparent purchase ..and don't get me started on Team-One's use of Cezanne for a Lexus Campaign... They bought a single copy from myfonts AFTER we asked about their flash animation on the Lexus site.

Perhaps I can should steal all of my groceries and then pay them IF they ask me for it....

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...and thank you Dan Weaver for your support!

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Richard the answer is to tell the check-out clerk that the guy/gal behind you will pay for the groceries. Team-One is so wrong. I also bought your font Dearest which I like better than Cezanne.

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We should print up 'STOLEN FONT' stickers and slap them on to whatever. A bit hard for flash animes though. And nobody but type designers would care...

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Starbucks recently went into Paris and the NPR radio broadcast about it was centered on the fact that they have a no smoking policy and Parisians love to drink coffee and smoke. Such high minded people at Starbucks wanting to protect you from second hand smoke, I bet they don't know their ad agency is using a pirated font for their promotions. I think an email to the corporate office will fix this problem. They do want to sell more franchises and don't want negative publicity, Dan

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Actually, It is my considered opinion that they do know their own in-house
ad agency is using improperly licensed or unlicensed fonts for their
promotions, products and in-store display systems. Many E-mails, letters,
phone calls to the corporate office and their lawyers have alerted them to
the problem and it has not fixed this problem. They do want to sell more
franchises but possibly don't care about negative publicity.

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Thats downright terrible Richard, they only make a ton of money hand over fist. No Starbucks here, I joke you need Star Bucks for their coffee anyway. It sounds like you almost have to picket the corporate offices or even better get a radio article by NPR on the subject.

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This is the same Starbucks that sued a poor independent cartoonist for a clear parody of their logo.

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I d like to see the pictures. The link is broken.

PS: Dan Now in Paris it s illegal to smoke in Bar and Coffee.

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