Wayfinding System For PA Academy of the Fine Arts

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For my Environmental Design class I revamped the wayfinding system for the Pennsylvannia Academy of the Fine Arts ( http://www.pafa.org ). These are pretty much final revised system boards from class, so more of just a showcase rather than a critique. I'll answer questions as I don't really know what else to explain other than I drew my ideas from the architecture of the building, the different arches and the patterns on the architecture. I did this system in 3 weeks so it wasn't comprehensive of the whole building but more of fixing problems and unifying the system as much as possible.

scaled.directory.board.4.29.06.pdf129.45 KB
scaled.interiors.board.4.29.06.pdf45.83 KB
scaled.gallery.signs.board.4.29.06.pdf39.63 KB
directory.detail.board.4.29.06.pdf147.41 KB
secondary.detail.board.4.29.06.pdf46.33 KB
galleries.detail.board.4.29.06.pdf50.61 KB
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Bump from page 4 in case anyone missed this yesterday and feels like saying something.

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