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I have been asked to volunteer my time to design the Tulsa AIDS Walk logo. I started off by designing a red ribbon to look like the "T" in "Tulsa". Then, I browsed through several bold/black sans serif fonts. I ended up using Myriad Pro Black Italic. In order to have the "ulsa" at the same angle as the "T", I had to sheer the type set in Myriad Pro Black Italic by about 22 degrees. I am not an advocate of sheering type, but I wasn't sure what else to do.

What do you think about the "ulsa"? Now that I have sheered the type, should I adjust the shapes of the characters to compensate? Thanks for your input. Should I use a different font?


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I would look at making the whole word red. I'm reading the ulsa with a ribbon in front. If it was all the same color, I believe It would read better for me.

You could start by righting an ital, and then matching the ribbon/T to the ital without sheering it.

I think the Myriad does the job, but I do wonder about other options.

Here's a quick loose look at Formata.

But now I've started reading Pulsa. I'm out.

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Ty, this is great. I had the same thought as did James. Did you choose this burgundy color for a specific reason as opposed to red which is normally associated? If you can print the blend -- and it looks good -- I do like the blend as it adds depth. However, I would add it to the rest of the letters.

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See "aids_06.pdf"

James, thanks for suggesting Formata. It lead me to find Zwo. I used FF Zwo Black Italic Alt for "Tulsa" and FF Zwo Semi Bold SC Italic for "AIDS WALK". I started seeing "ulsa" too, so I made the whole thing red. I also took your advice and started with the font rather than the ribbon. Do you see "Pulsa" now?

Tiffany, the burgandy was supposed to be red. I changed it to be more of a true red. I opted against adding depth to the rest of the letters because I thought that might confuse the ribbons with the letters. Hopefully the word reads well as a whole.

Thanks for your suggestions. They are much appreciated.

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I like the look of this, I would suggest looking at reversing the ribbon so the the loop is to the left, which will prevent anyone seeing Pulsa, removing or reducing the drop shadow especially on the vertical and horizontal and trying the loop the other way around so that the vertical and horizontal are the top objects and the loop is at the back (I hope that last point makes some sense).

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Here's the latest. I ended up sheering Zwo 14.5 degrees. Does the sheering look tasteful?

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I think this is really strong. The urge to either flatten the ribbon or add depth to the other letters wasn't really necessary.

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Tim, here is an option where the vertical and horizontal are the top objects and the loop is in the back. What do you think?

Tiffany, which of the last two do you prefer?


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I prefer your latest option simply because the colour* ties it in with the rest of the word, allowing the horizontal to be a T, while keeping the ribbon apparent. In shearing it you might have to move the AIDS WALK a bit to the right to visually align.
Good work, well realised.
*I should say the reduced shadow

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The new ribbon shape is good, however there is too much dark in the stem of the T now.

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I made the following small changes:

- adjusted the gradient in the loop in the back.
- moved AIDS WALK a bit to the right to visually align
- lightened the stem of the T
- lightened the crossbar of the T to compliment the stem
- darkened the right side of the crossbar of the T
- added a light drop shadow on the ribbon

What are your thoughts?

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Better, but if this is going to be silk-screened you might just get rid of the drop shadow to less the probability of muddiness.

I know this is a little late, but is the a looking a little too big?

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> I know this is a little late, but is the a looking a little too big?

It isn't just you, it is looking large, the angle seems to have exaggerated the overshoot. I'd try and move down the curve slightly.

Nice work Ty. :^)

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Tiff: Agreed, the _a_ on the end looks optically beefy on the x-height.

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I reduced the x-height on the a and removed the drop shadow on the ribbon/T. Thoughts?

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Looks good to me. How do you feel about it Ty?

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I'm pretty happy with it. The very first post looks clumsy and generic to me now. Thanks for all your feedback Tiffany.

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If you want the tone on a T-shirt, you can convert your gradations to 1-bit tifs with an amplified dot pattern that will work as line art.

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You are welcome.

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I love how the logo turned out... fun to see how its process from beginning to end within the thread. Great work!

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pretty cool

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Great Logo!!! Good visual pun.... LOVE IT!!!

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I think the visual pun work really well. Like it was meant to be. I never say the pulsa myself, until I read what people had said. I would have liked to have seen the two steams of the T not have shadows, so the loop is the only thing that comes out. My theory on that is, the steams and the "ulsa" would look like they're on the same plain, therefore should wowrk better, but thats my opinion.
Whatever you do I think it works well, and good luck with it.


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Nice job Ty!

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions and comments.

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My problem with the T ribbon is it looks like a P. Maybe it doesn't need to be one ribbon. Try breaking it to make it an obvious so it can be recognized as a flat one color job. Ty's stuff is nice but you need black and red to make it work.

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true would save money too for print reasons as well wouldnt it?

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Beautiful work. Seriously.

A one color version could do the trick too as jupiterboy mentionned (easier to use in various applications and makes its easier to read).

I really like the subtle gradients though, again, good work.

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