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hi guys,

i m a student from SCAD and i m doing a project that require to create a new type. the hard part is that the inspiration has to come from the cemetry. i started from doing a "rubbing" on the engraved text of one the tomb stone and the process continue on...


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good start...it seems like youve reach the extremum of abstraction. Now try to tone it down and gets some legibility going. Also I find it easier to do hamburgefonstiv rather than working on all at once. Once I get a unified system for the "ham.." the rest will feel as a cohesive family.

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hi there, the holocaust is a preface type and is not ment for body copy.in terms of legibility, i m not too worried about it as the holocaust is an abstraction type. but i appreciate your comments though.
tks and cheers.

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