Yet another new font

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First typeface I've ever worked on, It is strictly a display typeface and inspired by the style of lettering in old copperplate etchings from the 1700-1800's...tell what you think, even if it sucks a Llama's @$$.

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I like this, but some of your letters look "boring" in comparison with the detailedness of some of the others. Add in the third dimension on them, and this'll be slick. I'm speaking specifically of L, M, T, V, X, Y, and Z.

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Looks nice, and Dan is right, add more details to the flat characters. I think this is possible to do, you've done it with the G for example, by folding the stroke, and even with the W.
Y and T could be the same principle as with U.

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Revised a few letters, still need to finish the rest... but...any additional comments?

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I'd say as other Typophile member. Look nice and inspiring to me. I saw you've redraw some letter in adding more detail. The bottom of the U and the join of the Y should be more like the C, the D or the bowl of the B, R. The I would be nice, to my point of view, if he looks like the stem of the R. You still have to work mor on the Z and the L.

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