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The letters have a very energetic and very American feel to them. Good, if that's what you're aming for. The Q is weak, very obviously constructed from the O, which doesn't necessarily make sense for cursive. The Z seems a bit awkward.

BUT: A script alphabet without lower case is of extremely limited use. What do you have in mind? Decorative initials? You don't seriously contemplate using this in all caps, do you?

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I really enjoy the weight. It's very "Inky", for lack of a better word.

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the problem with doing an all-uppercase script face is that script capitals don't really work too well together. a real challenge would be to make and all UC script face that DOES work.

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I have never seen something like this! Is there anywhere an existing uppercase script font or even maybe an unicase!?

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a real challenge would be to make and all UC script face that DOES work.

Excellent suggestion! That would make a kickass project.

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or a good Type Battle. heh.

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It seems as though the script you are doing would be hard to cut and read in stone. Also, script capitals are tough to read anyway. Script needs a lower case in my opinion. Do you have photos of the grave stones you saw? I would be curious to see how it worked carved in stone.

What you have going is a loose spontaneous looking hand. You might think of it as an informal script somewhere between Pauls more formal "Zaner" and Christian's more personal "Dear Sarah" It needs either some real refinement or to become more casual to find its place.


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