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I'm working on building kerning classes for my font in FontLab 4.5, and I was wondering if there was any sort of cheat sheet for what characters to class together for a normal text font. Thx

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It really depends on your design. I think you are quicker if you pull over all glyphs of similar rightside/leftside forms into self-defined classes than starting with a existing classes and then figuring out which glyphs are placed wrongly, or are missing, or are placed in two classes (strictly forbidden) ...
But don't forget to make separate classes for leftside and rightside forms, and do not place a glyph in two leftside (or rightside) classes if you want to avoid error messages upon compiling the kern feature.

There was an older thread on class kerning (of January or so) which I cannot find. Also see this.

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Go to:

There are some tips concerning kerning and kern classes in FontLab. You can also open other OT fonts and look at what they have done in terms of classes.

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In FontLab Studio 5, you can simply choose "Generate Classes" from the Classes panel. The application will analyze the shapes of your letters and put those that have similar left and right sides into one class. You can decide if glyphs with different metrics should be combined or not.


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An older thread where Adam gave some basics is here:

I'd like a well written book about these things, I'm quite sad. :(

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And another "case history" here:

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