(x) Hellboy | Nature of the Beast - Windsor {Stephen}

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I know I am going to kick myself when this is ID'ed. I should know it. This is the font used on all the Helboy story titles. I thought it was Souvenir. But I looked at ITC's Souvenir and it doesn't have the slanted back on the "a".

I have been beating myself up trying to track this down. I know it should be simple.

Mr. Peters? Anyone?

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Thank you! I knew I'd kick myself! Sorry for such a stupid one on my part.

And yes, much more elegant than Souvenir!

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Windsor. And it's so much lovlier than Souvenir.

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Hellboy rules. Big time. Mignola is God.

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> Mr. Peters? Anyone?

Sorry I turned in very early last night (midnight Belgian time) ;)
But the fontmeister himself had it covered as always.

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