Up for Judgment: Scintilla Slant

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A disclaimer: this is my first shot at designing a face.

Scintilla Slant was loosely inspired by a section of reverse-italicized text on a gravestone in the Daughters of the American Revolution cemetary in Savannah, GA. My plan was to take two features of the typeface on the stone (the reverse-italics and contrasting stems) and make a more modern looking typeface. Please, let me know how you think I did.


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Images are currently broken. Can you link us from an external source?

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its very very dificult to read. Im assuming its a display face. Even so, I would put a generous amount of letterspacing. Is there a purpose for breaking some of the stems halfway through?

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The purpose was twofold: it was in an attempt to emulate fonts like leftist and cipher (both can be found at dafont.com) and the way they handle serifs, and secondly, I wanted to give the letterforms a chance to interlock on occasion, like they do with the N and T in Scintilla.

I agree with your comment on spacing them out more...they do look nice with more breathability, but then that does sacrifice any interlocking. I'll have to think on this one...

Thanks for the comment. :)

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