Pairing Fedra Serif with a script!?!

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Well, what would be some of your ideas on pairing Fedra Serif, with a script, or more decorative display face? Ideas?

on a different note, how do you think Sabath would work used in a trade mark, and using Fedra as body text?


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Fedra is a bit idiosyncratic already - maybe a more docile display face would match it better?
But something contemporary, not a grot - I guess a dark (and maybe wide) humanist sans.

I think a logo in Sabbath (Newlyn's, right?) might work really well with Fedra.

If you can get Jürgen Weltin's Yellow font (attached) for display, that would rule: it has some blackletter overtones, and a wonderful synthetic feel, just like Bilak's work.



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Hrant --

Sorry should have been more clear -- emigres Sabbath Black, that stylistic blackletter face.
I'm quite fond of that face.

Your other titling suggestions are quite nice too.

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No one else have any suggestions?

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Like Cezanne, yeah that would work (hee hee)

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>or more decorative display face
I don't know if it will work, but Sauna (perhaps bold italic) from Underware has a large x-height and fat serifs like Fedra Serif, so it is worth looking at if your project is suited to its jolly informality and wonderful balance.

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i really like sauna as well, although it will only work in cetain circumstances, as william pointed out.

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Tiffany -- Serif A, used for body text.

William -- I do like Sauna, but for the very 'classic' look I am trying to acheive, I don't think it ould be a good fit.

I'm really looking for something very decorative, so for Chapter titles (even though this is not a book atmosphere).
Really a script is what I have in mind, something like Bickham, but not. ;)


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Kyle look at Dalliance Script

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is that Emigre, right?

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Kyle. What's this for??

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For display use. you could use Vesta by Gerard Unger.


You could use Amplitude by Christian Schwartz

Dunno!? Hmm. Please, sir, can we have more infomation?


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Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. You want a script!!! Ok. Let's see.

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Kyle. Is this for Fedra Serif A or B?

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