Can I avoid that CE fonts are translated in InDesign?

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When I recieve a polish Word document and want to import the text to various programs I get in trouble…
I need to use Helvetica Central Type 1. In Quark 6.5 it works fine. In InDesign, Text Edit and Word 2004 on Mac the text is translated to the right unicode values and then doesn't work with the old Type1 fonts with different encoding. I have to choose an OpenType font to get the right result.

I am working on a danish keyboard

Is there a way that I can avoid the translation or do I have to get myself new fonts?

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> or do I have to get myself new fonts?

I'd say, that's the wisest thing you could do, especially if you're going to work with CE characters.

People update their applications, but usually forget that fonts need to be updated as well, since they're software too.

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About 15 years ago there was a company in the Finnish market that made cyrillic fonts with wrong encoding. Some customers still use them, and it's rather annoying, when importing the text all glyphs are mixed up. So unless I want to use the same font as them, I have to type or find/replace the whole text.

Freehand has for a long time been the default application in Finland (I don't know why), and I have had problems with cyrillics and Baltic glyphs with it. I found, that it was easiest to fix problems in InDesign and then copy/paste the text to Freehand. With Adobe buying Macromedia we will be finally forced to move to Illustrator, which is good news, especially regarding the fonts.

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