Missing font in Adobe CS2.

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Hi there,

I did a search for this question, but couldn't find an answer.

I have FF DIN (Mac Postscript) and just bought FF DIN Italic Regular and Italic Light. They both show up in Suitcase, but Italic Regular is missing from all CS2 apps. Italic Light is fine though. Italic Regular shows up in Quark 6 and even bloody Word; just not in Adobe apps.

Any ideas or tricky tricks?


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From my minimal experience with Suitcase, my advice would be to first make sure you have the Suitcase plug-ins installed for all of your Adobe CS applications. The plug-in ensures that fonts used in certain documents will load when the document is opened. Just check the Plug-ins folders for each app.

Second, (this works in Suitcase X1, at least) you can create an Application-specific font set within Suitcase which will open each font added to it when that application is launched.

1) Go to File > New Application Set...
2) Drag and drop fonts to the application set.
3) For this to work, Suitcase needs to be launched prior to launching the applications.

I hope this helps.

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I'm sure the fonts are activated, right? (sorry but I had to ask)…

Have you checked the font with Tools-Verify Font? (off the top of my head- could be slightly different)

The next thing to check would be some kind of duplicate.

Good Luck!


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If the font previews correctly in Suitcase, there is a high probability that it is functional.

Unfortunately, you don't mention your specific OS. If, in fact, you have Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), you might want to try clearing your Mac OS font caches. This would be performed by deleting the following folder /Library/Caches/com.apple.ATS/. Immediately reboot.

In some cases, fonts may not appear the same way in the menus of different applications. That doesn't seem likely to me in this case though. This sort of issue can be verified by installing the font in the system. I would recommend testing it by placing it in /Users/yourusername/Library/Fonts/.

If you're still having trouble, let us know the various versions of Mac/Win and Suitcase.

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Oh my gosh, I am an idiot. I just realised that 'Regular Italic' is simply listed as 'Italic'. I guess I was looking for 'Regular Italic' because that's how it's listed in Suitcase and with the font files. But no, it's just 'Italic'.

Not quite as bad as not activating the fonts, but still pretty bad! :-) Thanks a lot for your replies.

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And of course I was never going to come to that realisation without first publicly asking an international forum of designers. Huuuuuuurgh. :-)

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Who else were you going to ask? :)

Glad you got it sorted…


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