(x) Zac Brown Band Western-style logo - Mesquite (High Noon) {Claes (Lex, Tim D)}

dangerboy's picture

Need help IDing this western font..

the main "Zac Brown Band" font at the top


Lex Kominek's picture

It's probably from Letterhead. I'll take a look.

- Lex

P.S. Nope, it's High Noon all stretched out.

claes's picture

i'm 99.9% certain that it's Mesquite.

i think it even comes bundled with Adobe products like Illustrator, so it's a fairly common font and most likely the one they used.

High Noon seems to be the same font, just with a lowercase alphabet included.

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Mesquite it is.

Lex Kominek's picture

Potato, potato.

- Lex

(What - they're spelled the same on the cue cards)

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