Western-Horror-Themed Graphic Novel Body Text?

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Wow, what a title. What I have so far is a few pages set in garamond for now. I am leaning torwards Caslon, which I love, but would like non-anachronistic(read: Simonson-sensitive) suggestions that are appropriate and interesting. I'll take witty and playful. Image to follow.

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Why you have indentions ?

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to seperate paragraphs?

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As an observer, it looks like they are already seperated?

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It's much more efficient to use indents than line breaks between paragraphs. A line break suggests a break in the text and should be used more judiciously. Line breaks + indents = redundant (plus bad typography).

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You don't need to have a line space and an indentation to separate, although you can if you prefer, but on the 1st paragraph of a section it is more usual to not indent.

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I have a tendancy to think in terms of working typography and not working, as opposed to good or bad typography. Most typographic concepts work well in context, and poorly outside of it.
This was set for a word count and rough to make sure that I have room, the indents are good enough to make it into the Elements of Typographic Style, so they are good enough for me. I will probably be outdenting the dates of the diary entries, thus the indented first paragraph, but I need TYPE suggestions, not crit on what little I have done so far. The preview was to aquiant you with the format and the variables as far as relative column widths and rough style.

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