my first post/ script, i guess?

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hi all!

this is my first post on typophile.. ! ive been lurking for quite some time now.. and i finally decided it was time to jump aboard!

im Roelant van der Munnik, born and raised in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.. you can read the rest in my bio i guess..

I have no real formal training in graphic design, or typography. Everything i do, is self initiated, and 'selfthaught'.. (you simply cannot learn yourself everything, hence typophile and the likes, i guess!)

Ive really been liking the scriptwriting/handwriting stuff. Ive been doing this for little over a year now i guess, i finally i have some result worth showing.. my very first try's were incredibly horrible, but i have consciously seen myself evolve to where i am now, and i firmly believe that practice make perfect.. I am nowhere near where i want to be, but i guess im along the way..

I really admire the work of John Stevens, Mark Simonson et al. and im trying my hand at digitizing my files, but i guess i need to find some better pens to ink the scripts.

anyways, heres some stuff ive been working on.

great movie!

digitized in photoshop.. the line work was horrible.. :S


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I love them all. You have a good eye, and think you should continue to develop your skills. I'd love to see more when you do them. Thanks for posting. As I think about it, it seems more akin to illustration, but could probably apply to making fonts somehow or other.

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thanks! thats definitely a boost in the right direction, as im not sure i have the confidence to keep on going at it..

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nice sketches! not quite a type face though - more lettering.

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That "Borough 8" is texturally really wonderful.


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i think it's "boroughs": from the beastie boys album.

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Oh. Duh. Sorry, I'm a left coaster.


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thanks for the replys,

it is indeed boroughs.. now that i look at it, the 's' definitely looks like an 8!

the texture is done in photoshop using the bevel and some other options in there..

i assumed this was the forum for posting lettering as well.. my bad..

i dont really have the intent to create a typeface from any of these renderings, or future script renderings. im really kind of into the lettering stuff..

thanks again!

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Why don't you try to digitalize them or one of them in Illustrator. These would definitely look very nice when vectored.

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