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I'm a student attempting to develop a font, and I've -- perhaps naively -- included some contextual alternates as part of my design. It seems like what I'm doing is by the book, but maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong or point me to a thread I haven't seen before that addresses this topic.

The code I've been trying to use is this:

feature liga { # Standard Ligatures
# Latin
sub c h by C_H;
} liga;

I created a new glyph named C_H, but when I go the preview button in the OpenType panel, nothing happens when i type in ch.

Also, one more question: how do I add more glyphs if there aren't enough for my purposes? I know in OpenType, you can add more than you would ever need for most purposes, but how do i go about doing this? thanks for your help.

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one thing: a ligature of c and h should be c_h and not C_H.

second thing: have you compiled the OT code before you try to view your features?

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Thanks Paul - I hit compile and changed it to lc and it worked.

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