Font recommendations for back of sailboat "Esprit"

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Any recommendations for a font that will be vinyl lettered on the back of a sailboat. The sailboat name is Esprit and we are looking for a font that "captures" this name below. The definition of esprit is liveliness of mind or spirit; sprightliness.

The fonts that we are considering are:

Mr. De Haviland
Valentina Joy
Ministry Script
Sarah Script

Thanks for any help that you can offer!

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How about ITC Esprit!

Just kidding! :-)

In all honesty, why search for a "font".
It's a "one-off" to be cut in vinyl, so why not have a custom logo?
So much more impressive than straight typesetting for a boat's name.

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Thanks for the Esprit recommendation. :)
We'll probably create a customized logo from one of these fonts.
Thanks again.


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What kind of sailboat is it? Do you have an image?

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Thanks for the input, everyone. Jan, I don't know the specifics yet as to what kind of sailboat it is. I'm waiting for a picture from my client and will upload it here when I receive it. Thanks again.

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