I need help with choosing a font for a logotype

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I submitted a logotype concept to a competition and although I got some good reviews, I was also told that the typography of the logotype is weak. I'm a amateur/intermediate at logo creation, so I need some guidance at choosing the correct font. Oh, and also remember that I currently have pretty limited font supplies (mostly the ones supplied with Corel Draw). I can only afford buying a great custom font if my entry wins the competition.

Also check out my presentation (in Estonian, but with loads of pictures):

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The only typographic problem I see is the weight change because of size. And if you just make the "2" lighter that's solved. Or if you want the "24" to stand out, make the "4" darker.

The asterisk, I would flip on its head.


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Thanks for the feedback, Hrant. Actually the '2' is in the same size, it is just lower than the letters. And 4 is smaller than 2 because I cut a small piece off it.

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I will reiterate what Hrant has said regarding both the asterisk and the numerals. The two may be the same size in mathmatical width/thickness, but visually (perception is more important than reality in visual communication) it is heavier. See the width of the angled stroke on the "4"? The width/thickness of the "2" should probably be somewhere between that and its current width/thickness. Also, does the curve on the "f" (I'm a novice at typography so I don't know whether this is referred to as a "terminal" on an "f", or not) feel a little thick/heavy or is it just me?

It's looking pretty good. I hope you win your competition.


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Okay, lets see what I can do about the number 2. I will make it a bit smaller, since one of my objectives was to write the logo text in one colour.

The curve of the 'f' doesn't bother me, but if someone else points it out, then it probably needs some work.

By the way, I used Humanist 521 font and the only modifications were the alignment of the 2 and cut 4.

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I don't think there are weight problems.
My objection is that the 4 seems like it's floating (ie. not associated with any grid

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