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I know adobe has a great font CD collection, but they are very very expensive. I am trying to find a font software for a PC computer that has a good variety of fonts, and not those cheesy fonts either. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what sites to look on or what specific cd I should look for?

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If you are still attached to a College, the 'Adobe Type Classics for Learning' is an amazing bargain. Bitstream I believe also has reasonably priced CD type collections.

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If you're not eligible for educational pricing, then check out our "Adobe Type Basics OpenType Edition." There are some cheesy display fonts in here, but also a lot of good solid classic text faces, and some fairly innovative newer stuff (Blue Island, Nyx).



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Bitstream's Type Odyssey 2.

It's pretty comprehensive of the classics, although some of them are peculiarly renamed. there is some cheese, but also a large "taster" from a bunch of contemporary foundries.

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Thomas --

I have always wanted to use Nyx for something, but have not run across the right opportunity yet.

Curious, has anyone seen anything done with it? Examples?


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I've seen Nyx used in advertising once or twice, and once on a book cover.


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I think Blue Island, for a novelty, is delicious. I'm waiting for the right design project to come along so I can buy & use it.

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a bit of a tangent, but I'm a student and have been thinking about buying the type classics for learning for some time now. Mainly because I need at least one good expert text family, with short caps and such,

But I also just ordered InDesign, does anyone know if InDesign includes any type families on the install CDs?

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Yes, InDesign does include a number of fonts. I posted the list of fonts bundled with InDesign CS <a href="">here</a>.


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That's an impressive list, you could do some serious typography with those.

There are a variety of serif classics, full family, but Myriad is the only sans, and only in the Condensed.

One thing missing from the Adobe CDs, and Bitstream, are pixel fonts.

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The list gets much better if you buy the full Creative Suite (or even just Illustrator). Then you get a lot more of the Myriad Pro family.

Don't ask me to explain why InDesign CS only has the Condensed for Myriad. <yodavoice>Mysterious are the choices of font bundling, yes....</yodavoice>


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Check out it is 38 fonts for $42 and the best bit is the whole thing is a charity project to raise the money to build two orphanages for kids with Aids in Africa.

It may not be a full font collection, but it is a very cost effective and charitable way to add to your font collection.


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It is always a safe bet to watch the Specials and Collections at MyFonts.

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