Negotiated Font

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This is an "old" font for me, that I'd never had critiqued in the past. I was originally putzing around with Illustrator, and came up with what I thought to be intriguing letterforms. I didn't develop anything beyond this semi-unicase set of glyphs and then just dumped it into Fontographer to give away as a free font on my site. I was surprised to see that it turned into one of my most-downloaded fonts, so I've decided to develop it into a complete font.


(Note, the file wouldn't attacg, so the PDF is available here:

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It's got a nice energy to it; I'd definitely try and take it to the next level. If people are going to download your font and use it, you might as well get the benefit of pointing at signs later, saying "That's my font!" and not being at all embarrassed by it.

I'd suggest making the uppercase and lowercase forms distinct, even though they are the same height; it's always nice to have variety! (You could even use OpenType to create an alternating case thaT worked liKE tHIs.)

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