Kaled Sans

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My first attempt at designing a typeface. Still in early stage, but ready for a cirt :)

Partly inspired by City, partly by Briem's Akademi, my goal was to design a display face working with relatively easy, blocky shapes but still challenging myself with Beziers in those curved terminals.


Any suggestions? Is there any extremely similar typefaces out there?

P.S. Sorry for linking; I couldn't upload the attachments through the form for some reason. (I'll try to get a pdf up soon)

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I really like the joins!

This may be personal preference, but it feels to me that your OSFs ascenders and descenders don't ascend and descend quite enough. If you have a good reason for where they stop then it's not worth quibbling over; otherwise maybe try extending them just a little.

This begs the question, though: how much should OSFs ascend and descend? I defer to someone with more experience!

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This is not only sufficiently original, but I think it's
actually a pretty nice addition to the spectrum as well.

OS num extenderness: for text fonts I'm a big fan of hybrids, where the bodies are larger than the x-height while the extenders are shorter than in the lc; this strikes the best balance in running text. But for a design like this it might be a better idea to be more "dramatic" (and geometrically congruent) maybe by keeping the bodies small (at the x-height) and making the extenders a bit long.

BTW, great pragmatism in your zero.


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More, on the alphabetics:

- Since this has an element of blackletter in it, I might do things like make the right stem of the "h" descend (and probably turn left instead of right).
- The "r" is out of character.
- The "f" is slightly narrow, but the "t" is definitely so.
- I would encourage you to try a binocular "g", maybe Koch-style.
- The "s" is leaning forward; instead of shortening the top bar, I might leverage the diagonal part of the spine.
- I don't think the "v" and "w" are working.
- The "Q" is da bomb. So is the "z".
- The "J" needs to go lower, and might benefit from a top half-serif.
- "p": unless you apply my suggestion of lowering and flipping the right stem of the "h", I would flip its terminal the other way.


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Thanks for the feedback.

>>OSFs ascenders and descenders don’t ascend and descend quite enough
Somehow, they look out of proporion when they're long. However, I started with really long ascenders and descenders and I think I overcompensated a little when I made the smaller. I'm surre they can be a little longer and still look proportionate.

>>BTW, great pragmatism in your zero.
Thanks :). “l” also works nicely with “I” in “Illicit” for example (didn't Matthew carted call these “picket fences”?)

>>The “Q” is da bomb. So is the “z”.
“Q” is my favorite. I'm getting a lot of mixed feedback about it though. Binocular g is definitely on my list, along with some alternates and ligatures.


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I have to design a type face for a uni project, you've done well for a first one. What program did you use and what letters did you start with? I don't know where to start.

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goofs edited! mgk

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I like the concept. The only things that jumped out at me were the upper terminal on the numeral 5 and the @ sign, which is cumbersome. Otherwise, looks like it might be a very useful font.


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