weekly typography quiz/tests??

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it occurred to me today as i was furthering my quest on understanding the history of type design, that it would be fun to be able to take typographical "tests"... since i never had a chance to take any classes dedicated solely to typography, i think it'd be a great way to learn more about identifying typefaces as well as better understanding the history and technique of it all.

would any of you be willing to put such a thing together?? does something like this exist?? i just feel like i'd really understand everything a lot better if i constantly was working on identifying things like this.

just a simple kind of quiz or test with examples of fonts from specific movements, or asking to identify a face by its name, maybe stuff on kerning, spacing, etc etc

or is this idea retarded :(

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> or is this idea retarded :(

Nope, not retarted, but incredibly time consuming for the contributors/authors. There are some useful sites out there that have been mentioned in Typophile posts and I believe some are listed in the Typowiki section.

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