McPremium, I'm liggin' it

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Has anyone seen the UM ligature on the new McDonald's coffee cup? A little edgy for the golden arches? And I didn't buy the coffee - it was, um, a co-worker, yeah that's it - a co-worker.

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Great subject line - you must be a Sun reader! ;-) 8 out of 10.

Perhaps the sign painter ran out of space?

Cheers, Si

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It's hard to get the Sun in Knoxville, or Coalfield to be more exact. But it's easy (for my co-worker) to find a McD's.

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Here is a woodcut I did in college. A run of postcards was one of the first products to carry the P22 name (pre-dates the foundry by a few years) Should anyone choose to make satirical graphic art, here's a tip for avoiding McDonald's lawyers...don't print your address on it.

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Hmmm, then what about printing the address of somebody
you dislike, like... Nike? The confused, orgiastic lawyer-army
mess would be a delight to watch!


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Richard, that woodcut is friggin' great!

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