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The Type Design Directory

A steadily growing directory and 'linkfarm' of (European) typography and type design related sites. Foundries, Designers, Distributors and much, much more.


( 'Shameless Self Promotion', but maybe worth a visit. 'The Directory' is a project I recently started, collecting links to European type related sites. I am pretty sure that there still are quite a few sites missing, so if you notice / find a site that should be in there, please let me know. Site submissions are more than welcome. :)


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It's going to be a very useful resource but the lack of color contrast makes it a bit hard to read.

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Cool. Yeah, it's a bit dark. Even for Europe.

BTW, the UK is in Europe?
Next you'll tell me Puerto Rico is too.


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I wish they had a second CSS setup up for us old people.

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BTW, the UK is in Europe?

Europeans or not, the UK is part of the European Union. Isn't that what the .eu domain extension stands for, Hrant?

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Thanks all.

Hmm, Maybe I really should consider changing the CSS slightly. :)
( By the way, like Typophile, this is still 'Beta', so everything may change to the better. Or brighter. :)

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