InDesign Butterfly on Opening page

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Okay, I know this is totally, utterly lame of me to ask but I can't figure out how to create an object like the purpley transparent butterfly that InDesign uses (or even the transparent-y orange flower on Illustrator) on it's opening page. I'm quite lazy and have exhausted trying to figure it out on my own. Thanks for any help!


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:) complicated.

Metadesign has found an artist who scans objects with x-rays. He gets black and white images of the flower/butterfly/feather, which were colored afterwards.

I guess there are more simple ways to achieve a similar effect.

Can't find the link where I read this though :(

edit: ah, there it is:

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Wow, that is perfect. Thank you. I found a few neat sites full of x-rays of flowers and shells to work with. Thanks again. That link is amazing!


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That is a great link - thanks for passing it on…


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Actually I think the butterfly falls behind the other motivs. It has almost no structure compared to the others.

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If you want to do something like that, in Illustrator CS2 there are some nice tools, gradients, transparency, gradient mesh, feather...

This was drawn in a couple of minutes, it could do with a bit of white in the petals and general fixing, but you'll get the idea.

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Hi mili,
That is exactly what I want to do! Can you be more specific on how you did it? I attempted it in Ilustrator with crappy results. I don't have the recipe right yet and was dragging and dropping colours onto my gradient mesh. It just became a gradient mess! :P If I make a circle do I colour it a radial gradient and then apply the gradient mesh? I need help!

Thanks so much!

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sushi whisker,

After drawing the shape add the gradient mesh. Then you cold start by coloring all the edges with one colour, then add/change colours as needed. You also might need to add occasional mesh point. That quick one was done with 4 x 4 mesh and just three colours from the default pallette. I moved the points around a bit, too.

Transparency of the elements is 70%.

The middle bit has 9 mm feather in the edges and a basic radial gradient. It's also transparent (70%) and on top of everything.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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Thank you! I'm going to try and master this.

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