"Streets" dirty brush script in "Streets of Rage"

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A friend is looking for the typeface (or if need be something similar) to the word "Streets". He says he's seen it used for a few different games. I know the two S are not the same, but I'd gamble that if you rotated and stretched the second they would be. Anyhoo, ideas?

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Don't spend too much time on it, Patty. :^P Seriously, I can see how it could be/probably is. I'll see if the games he has are all from the same company.

On the one hand the lettershapes could have been filtered. On the other hand Gaming companies are notoriously cheap and will do all they can not to pay for something like this. So it would make sense ... sort of.

Either way I wasn't thinking it was some award winning obvious typeface, but some cheap, waste of server space, typeface.


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I think the WTF MyFonts board got it. They ID'd it as Polo. I could see this working after some more filtering and distortion. I'll call that good enough for this.

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Good enough anyway.

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i'm pretty sure "Streets of Rage" is an old videogame from way back when you could actually count the pixels on your tv, and that image is most likely a screen capture taken directly from the opening of the game (from an newer emulated version of it).. so that whole image/logo was probably built pixel for pixel. not based on any font, most likely.

and rather than handlettered, i'd call this one handpixeled.

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I shoulda guessed this as Handlettered as Patty ID'd it. I know better. I was actually just hoping for something similar. There is so much crap out there now I figured something like this must exist. My friend showed me the samples and they were from two different companies so it has been decided that they used the same artist to create both titles.


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